Linda D. – May 2018

Claire Jacobson went beyond our expectations! I was buying a house for my son and his family who had just moved to Florida for his job. I live in Arkansas so Claire became my proxy in Florida. My daughter-in-law and I learned to trust her instincts and she was always accessible.  Claire was always looking out for my interests and thanks to Claire and her experts I avoided buying a house that my children loved but would have been a money pit for me. I believe the house I bought is a good investment and my children love it.  Claire knows everything about buying a house in Florida. AND she is just darn nice!

Sara O. – April 2017

As our Realtor, Claire Jacobson helped my husband and me find a new home that was within our price range but met our requirements and most of our desires. She was very patient with us. Claire is extremely knowledgeable about the area, understanding which areas have the best schools, resale values, quality builders; and which areas may be more susceptible to problems that could lead to stagnant or decreasing property values. Claire was also very sweet and considerate - we really knew she cared about us - our health and happiness; and she has stayed in touch with us even after selling the house to us. So Claire will give you a long-term relationship rather than a one-time transaction. We highly recommend Claire to anybody looking for a helpful, caring, and intelligent realtor.

David and Mary Beardsley – July 2016

Claire listed our home in July of 2016. Within 5 days, we were under contract with our buyer. Her knowledge of the current real estate market was spot-on and she was extremely careful in preparing our listing agreement. Her advice during our contract phase was wise and, among other things, recommended using a high-quality aerial and interior video which we felt had a very positive effect on marketing our home. Claire kept our best interests paramount during the entire transaction which we appreciated.

Jan Adkins – May 2014

Claire Jacobson was wholly reassuring, exceptionally kind, and especially knowledgeable. She has a gift for communication and understanding. She helped us find our home in what – at first – seemed like a howling wilderness of random ranchburgers and uninspired tract housing. She reassured and guided us, coached us, and she listened skillfully, drawing out our preferences even when we didn’t quite know we had them. She brought experience and calm deliberation to an intimidating, unfamiliar process. She lent us her confidence and her keen eye for detail. She is a pearl.